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ADA MP1 Mods
I am no longer doing mods for the ADA MP-1.  The majority of MP1s that were being sent in for mods also had other issues that needed repaired before doing mods; some of which were known ahead of time, some not.  With the MP-1 being pretty dated, there are some parts that are next to impossible to find anymore, making parts sourcing sometimes painful or impossible.  Some internal components are becoming brittle and are prone to break easily; ribbon cables and connectors.  The frailty of the PCB traces also makes modification a bit tough at times.  While I appreciate the desire to have an MP1 that screams, I'm just not going to take on the hassle and aggravation of it anymore.  The last couple that I had in for mods gave me so many problems that I won't be making any exceptions.   I would recommend you check here for your MP1 mod needs.  If you are one to take on the risk of doing it yourself, you can always find out mod info on

  • Golden Fleece 980x200
  • True Grit 980x200
  • Fury 980x200
  • Resistafier 980x200
  • Line 6 Mods 980x200

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